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Alignment of TCALL's Mission, Vision and Activities
With Texas A&M University’s Vision 2020

The mission of Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning (TCALL) is to provide leadership and service to those meeting the literacy needs of adult learners and their families.  Of the Twelve Imperatives that comprise Vision 2020, TCALL’s activities clearly align with eight.

Elevate Our Faculty and Their Teaching, Research, and Scholarship
TCALL’s major funded project includes research objectives. For faculty who work with TCALL as Principal Investigator or who might partner with TCALL staff for particular research activities, TCALL provides externally-funded research opportunities to advance faculty scholarship.

Strengthen Our Graduate Programs
Two of TCALL’s funded projects support the research activities of graduate students, providing real-world research opportunities. Barbara Bush Doctoral Fellowships in Family Literacy support up to four doctoral fellows each academic year. TCALL’s major project funds four Graduate Assistant-Research positions on a year-round basis.

Build on the Tradition of Professional Education
TCALL’s major project supports the professional development of adult education and family literacy teachers and administrators throughout Texas, both career educators and volunteers.

Diversify and Globalize the A&M Community  [i.e., developing and embracing a more pluralistic, diverse, and globally aware populace]
TCALL’s service and research activities enhance the work of literacy programs throughout Texas. Those programs serve a diverse population of adult learners, enabling them not only to function in the workforce and in family life, but as citizens and community members.

Increase Access to Knowledge Resources  [i.e., developing the intellectual assets represented by Texas A&M University library holdings; recognizing new technologies related to the storage, access, and distribution of knowledge resources]
Although it is not technically a component of the Texas A&M University library system, TCALL’s Clearinghouse Library provides a specialized set of resources targeted to literacy practitioners, administrators, state leadership, and researchers, and the library database and borrowing functions are accessible to patrons through TCALL’s website.

Enrich Our Campus  [i.e., the physical environment]
TCALL moved from College of Education & Human Development space on the main campus to the Riverside Campus in 2004, creating space to house new CEHD faculty.

Build Community and Metropolitan Connections [i.e., relating to the local community, Houston, and other metropolitan areas of the state]
The largest concentration of adult literacy learners is found in the Houston area and surrounding counties.  TCALL’s service and research activities enhance the work of literacy programs throughout the local community, Houston, and all other metropolitan and rural areas of the state.

Meet Our Commitment to Texas [i.e., preparing educated problem-solvers to lead the state's development]
As the state’s literacy resource center, TCALL functions as the communication hub for literacy educators and leaders throughout the state, both in federal/state-funded contexts and in the volunteer/community based literacy programs. TCALL’s service and research activities and library of resources support the professional development of literacy practitioners and leaders statewide.

Prepared by TCALL staff, January 2011


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