GED 2002 Teachers' Handbook of Lesson Plans

Table of Contents

Area/Skill - LA Reading and Writing

I Have to Read Poetry

Parts of Speech Review

Running the Bases

How to Read Faster

Deeper Meanings

Descriptive Paragraph

Unforgettable Character

Spelling in Our Time

How To Write a Winning Essay

"Meow-Meow" or "Bow-Wow"

"Banana-Nut" Bread Descriptive Writing

Area/Skill - LA Reading, Writing and Technology

"Writing About Me!"

Understanding the Writing Process in Conjunction with Technology

"Let's Write About Literature!"

Area/Skill - Math, LA Reading

Is It Cold?

"Cooking for the Hordes"

How Much Carpet Will I Need?

Area/Skill - Interdisciplinary

Nutrition and the Food Guide Pyramid

Area/Skill - Mathematics

Measurement and Geometry

Area/Skill - Math, LA Reading and Writing

Math Without Paper?

Who Wants Pie?

Geometry is Everywhere, Even in Your Yard!

"Sales Savvy - A Bargain or Not?"

Thanksgiving Recipe for Decimal Conversions

What is a Monthly Budget for a Family?

Who Needs a Budget?

Area/Skill - Math, LA Reading, and Social Studies

Understanding the Stock Market

Charting a Stock Portfolio to Understand Percents

Area/Skill - Science

Interpreting a Weather Map (National/World)

Area/Skill - Science, LA Reading

"Gooey Gunk"

Area/Skill - Science, LA Reading and Writing

"Can You Believe That ... ?"

The Impact of Science on Your Life

What's Up With the Ozone?

You Can't Hide From Science

Cloning Around

The Big What?

Sleepless in Texas

Newton's Egg-speriment

Interpreting a Flow Chart

"Food for Thought"

Understanding Matter and it's Physical and Chemical Changes

Area/Skill - Social Studies

Lincoln and the Civil War

Area/Skill - Social Studies, Science and LA Reading

Me and My Data

Area/Skill- Social Studies, Science, LA Reading and Writing

"Did You Know That ... ?"

Sentence Structure and Unity Using a Letter to The Editor

Area/Skill - Social Studies, LA Reading

Life in 'Toons

In Search of Ancient Mariners

Area/Skill - Social Studies, LA Reading and Writing

Should We or Shouldn't We

Who's Working Where in America?

Pilgrim Fathers

"Time Marches On"

"Is This Supposed To Be Funny?"

Political Cartoons - Funny and Not Funny

Declaring Independence

Newspaper Article on Afghanistan for Critical Thinking

Follow the Legislative Process of How a Bill Becomes a Law on the State Level