GED 2002 Teachers' Handbook of Lesson Plans

Activity Title - Descriptive Paragraph

Area/Skill – LA Reading and Writing Cognitive Skill Level – Application

Activity Title - Descriptive Paragraph


The students will use previously learned writing skills to compose a descriptive paragraph.

Lesson Outline

Review with the students what a descriptive paragraph does. Have them list some describing words. Discuss how these descriptive words make their writing more effective.


Have each student write a paragraph describing a beautiful location they have been to at some time.

Debriefing/Evaluation Activity

Have the students read the paragraphs orally. Let the other students tell what they believe is the best descriptive phrase in each student's paragraph.

Materials, Text, Realia, Handouts

  • Paper and pencils
  • Chalkboard and chalk

Extension Activity

Have the students find other examples of good descriptive writing. Have them share these with the class.

ESE/ESOL Accommodations

Divide the class in groups of two. Have each person make a list of 10 descriptive words. Exchange papers and write words each one could describe.

Real - Life Connection

In real-life situations, we must use descriptive phrases to make others understand what we are saying. Have the students write a paragraph telling someone how to get to a local landmark by using descriptive phrases.

Area/Skill – LA Reading and Writing Cognitive Skill Level – Application

Activity Title - Descriptive Paragraph


Say: To be an effective writer, you must be able to effectively describe the objects you are writing about. Good descriptive passages are ones that cause us to see what the writer sees.

Have the students list some describing words.

Ask: How do these words make your writing more effective?

Main Activity

Write the following words on the board:

Say: I would like for each student to write a descriptive paragraph. I want you to picture some beautiful location you have been at some time. Then I want you to use words in your writing that will cause us to see that location.


Have each student read his paragraph.

Ask: What descriptive phrase did you like best in this paragraph? How did it help us see what the student was writing about?

Follow-up Lessons/Activities

Have each student choose a picture from a magazine. They should not tell anyone else what they have chosen. They then should write a paragraph describing what was in the picture without saying what it is. The other students will try to guess what he or she is describing.

WCJC - Bay City Adult Learning Center - Head Instructor - Mena S. Lunsford

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