GED 2002 Teachers' Handbook of Lesson Plans

Activity Title - The Impact of Science on Your Life

Area/Skill – Science, LA Reading and Writing Cognitive Skill Level – Analysis and Application

Activity Title - The Impact of Science on Your Life


To analyze the impact of disease on the body.

Lesson Outline/Introduction

In today's world, people are connected in so many ways. When there is an infection in one place, it can spread to affect others in the world. We only notice the infection if affects our own lives.


Discuss what a disease is and the different types of diseases that are familiar to the student. Supply the students with a world map. Have the class locate on the map places with known epidemic. Some examples of diseases could include: AIDS, Ebola, influenza, Hepatitis A, small pox, polio, etc. Assign the students the task of determining which diseases a person is in danger of contracting. Then have the student write a connection that allows them to express their viewpoints

Debriefing/Evaluation Activity

Have the students discuss the disease and the effect that it has on the students' life. Discuss the need for the student to understand the connection with the other parts of the world. Locate information in the paper or internet about the SARS virus. Have students write an opinion paper about the virus and how it has spread.

Materials, Texts, Realia, Handouts

  • Newspaper and news magazines.
  • World map
  • Pencil, paper, and highlighter
  • Computer/ Internet

Extension Activity

Bring in an article from a recent newspaper. The article should discuss other diseases. The students will read the article first and then discuss with the class what implications this disease would have on them.

ESE Accommodations

  • Provide a list of key terms.
  • Give the students a study guide.
  • Use real life examples and concrete material.

Real-Life Connection

Look in the newspaper or news magazines for any articles on the diseases (mad cow diseases, Ebola, hoof and mouth disease, etc.

Area/Skill – Science, LA Reading and Writing Cognitive Skill Level – Analysis and Application

Activity Title - The Impact of Science on Your Life


Ask: Has anyone ever had the flu? Does anyone know what kind of disease the flu is? Is it a serious disease?

Discuss with the class that people come in contact with others who have or have been exposed to diseases in their daily life.

Main Activity

Say: We are going to look for articles on different diseases that are affecting people in the world. In small groups, locate and mark on a world map the disease the group found in the article. As a whole group, we will mark the maps with any diseases that were not already found. Then compare the distance of the marked location with where you live. What affect could there be on your life if the disease spread to your community?


Ask: How will knowing where epidemics are located around the world affect your quality of life? How can you protect yourself from disease? Sample answers could include: update vaccinations, practice good health habits such as washing hands, watch areas into which you travel, prevention health practices, etc.

Follow-up lessons/Activities

Bring in the newspaper or search the Internet for articles that are affecting places around the world. Locate and mark on a world map where outbreaks are occurring. Have the students compare distance from where they live to where to the disease was found.

Ask: How could it affect you if the disease spread to your community?

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