Texas Adult Education Standards and Benchmarks
for ABE ASE and ESL Learners

Lesson Plan Bank

ESL Content Standards - Lesson Plans

PDF Versions of ESL Lesson Plans

Speak So Others Can Understand

Planning a Family Vacation

Health Awareness


Exploring Job Possibilities

Sleep and Dreams

Comparison Shopping

Food - I’m So Hungry

My Family

Meeting Your Classmates

Likes and Dislikes (e.g. food, activities, house work, etc.)

Home Remedies

Conversing with Pronouns

Doctor, Doctor!

Explaining Systems to a Doctor

Initiate Small Talk: Tell Me What You Did over the Weekend

Job Interview

Making an Emergency Call

Ordering Food at a Restaurant

Making a Doctor’s Appointment

Birthday Party

Speak Up & Get That Job!

Chores Charades

At the Mall

Tell Me about Last Sunday

Going to the Restaurant

Basic Job Interview Skills

Listen Actively

Love Song

Saving Energy at Home

On Your Way

Learn Song Lyrics and then Dictate Them

Likes and Dislikes (e.g. food, activities, house work, etc.)

Home Remedies

Read a Story about Juan Bobo

Listening to Directions “Where Am I?”

Making an Appointment with School Officials

Penny Lesson

Secret Game

Tuning In

Buy a Car

Speak Up & Get That Job!

Job Skills/Interview

Interpreting Sales Ads and Coupons

Intense Listening

At the Mall

Going to the Restaurant

Read With Understanding for ESL


Finding Life’s Necessities


Technology and the Advanced ESL

Recognizing, Understanding, and Using Road Signs

Let’s Go Shopping

Time Management

Two a Day

Understanding American Humor

Parental Visits with School Officials

Get A Job!

You are Going Where?!?

Going to the Restaurant

This is Just Right

Convey Ideas in Writing for ESL

A Special Use of the Present Tense

Writing a Thank You Letter

Writing Personal Letters

Writing to Request Information from Three Agencies

Thank you

Where Are You From?

Tell Me Something About What You Do Everyday

Learn Song Lyrics and then Dictate Them

Completing Simple Personal Information Forms (library card forms)

Portfolio Check-up

Student Autobiography with Photograph

A Letter to an Organization

Writing a Letter to the Teacher

Meeting and Introducing People

Excuse Letter to a Child’s Teacher

Going to the Grocery Store

Grocery List for a Party!

Speaking and writing name and address

Writing a Check

What’s for Dinner?

Building on Ideas

Have You Ever…?

Going to the Restaurant

Complaint Letter at a Grocery Store

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