TABE Information

TABE, or Test of Adult Basic Education, is the assessment instrument for adult basic and secondary education designated since 1998 for use by Texas programs funded with state/federal adult education funds. That includes the adult education component of Even Start family literacy programs.

The TABE is a norm-referenced test designed to measure achievement in reading, mathematics, language, and spelling. It is divided into a locator test and five levels, including pre-literacy. The scores are reported according to grade-level equivalency. It is also available in a software form - the TABE-PC 5.0 and in Spanish - the TABE Espanol. For more information on all these assessment products, visit the website of TABE's publisher, CTB/McGraw Hill.

For training in how to administer the TABE Test, contact your region’s GREAT Center, which offers professional development in this and other topics.

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