TRAIN PD @ TCALL STAFF: Harriet Vardiman Smith


Harriet Smith

Harriet Vardiman Smith, M.S.,
Managing & Communications Director

Phone: 979-862-6519


  • M.S. in Educational Administration & Human Resource Development, specializing in adult learning (Texas A&M University)
  • B.S. in Educational Curriculum & Instruction (Texas A&M University)
  • Certificate in Group Leadership (Texas A&M University Employee & Organizational Development, 2016)
  • Certificate in Interpersonal Dimensions of Management (Texas A&M University Employee & Organizational Development, 2007)
  • TRAIN PD Managing Director - since 2008
  • Adult Literacy Clearinghouse Project Director - 2003-2014
  • Ex-Officio Board Member, Texas Association for Literacy & Adult Education - since 2003
  • Adult Literacy Clearinghouse Librarian - 6 years
  • TCALL Graduate Assistant - Research (Even Start Family Literacy Program Evaluation) - 1997-1998
  • Nonprofit Early Childhood Program Administrator - 9 years

Current Duties/Roles with TCALL

  • Manages internal and external communications
  • Manages Email Discussion List moderation and Information Hotline
  • Acts as Ombudsperson for AEL Provider leadership and PD Coordinators
  • Manages membership of and communications with TRAIN PD @ TCALL Advisory Committee
  • Project Management and Monitoring, including project deliverables, human resources, and budget planning and oversight

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