Stakeholder Integration Support Institute:

The Stakeholder Integration Support (SIS) PD Institute’s priority is focused on program and stakeholder needs and will give emphasis to critical PD topics centered on professionalization, recruitment, induction, orientation, and mentoring of practitioners working with WIOA customers. These are critical factors that impact customer outcomes whether the practitioner is an AEL teacher, a Workforce One-Stop intake and assessment worker, a Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, an instructor in developmental education or career/technical education, or a volunteer in a community-based literacy program.

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Disability Resources:

To learn about Disability Benefits, and how to apply for benefits, visit the Social Security Administration website.

After filing your disability claim, this page may be helpful.

Blog produced jointly by ED/OCTAE, ED/OSERS/RSA, DOL/ETA, and DOL/ODEP to bring disabilities and resources to the forefront.

DOL’s ODEP, ETA, and Civil Rights Center have issued a set of best practices for physical and programmatic accessibility for individuals with disabilities – available here.

Teacher Effectiveness/Mentoring Resources:
This page includes a variety of resources and tools to enhance teacher effectiveness in adult education.

If you are interested in starting a teacher induction program, visit here.

For FREE online courses on Teacher Effectiveness.

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February 21, 2017: Ensuring Immigrants' Access to WIOA:  Data and Advocacy Tools for Adult Educators. Click here to learn more.



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