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Stakeholder Integration Support Institute:

The Stakeholder Integration Support (SIS) PD Institute’s priority is focused on program and stakeholder needs and will give emphasis to critical PD topics centered on professionalization, recruitment, induction, orientation, and mentoring of practitioners working with WIOA customers. These are critical factors that impact customer outcomes whether the practitioner is an AEL teacher, a Workforce One-Stop intake and assessment worker, a Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, an instructor in developmental education or career/technical education, or a volunteer in a community-based literacy program.

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Looking for training to boost your skills? The PD Portal provides access to a wide variety of online and in-person training, resources, and updates on future training events. In the PD Portal you can also search our training catalog and join one of our online Learning Communities of Practice to share ideas with like-minded colleagues. You’ll find it ALL in the PD Portal!

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New Training Opportunities

Adult Career Pathways: Strategic Partnerships

Building Strategic Partnerships is intended for adult education program administrators interested in building new and strengthening existing partnerships essential for successful development and implementation of Adult Career Pathways programs and systems. The course is self-paced, will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete, and features three modules: (1) Understanding Strategic Partnerships; (2) Engaging Strategic Partnerships; and (3) Sustaining Strategic Partnerships.

Available Online in the AEL PD Portal.  Log in to the PD Portal and register here.

Making the Connection: Developing and Delivering Successful Workplace Literacy Programs

Session Description: Adult education has long served as a vital partner to businesses in our communities. With the passing of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) that role has become even more important. Adult Education is a critical partner in providing education and training opportunities for local businesses and their employees, our students. Request this interactive session that explores best practices in effectively engaging employers to meet the needs of your local workforce.

You can request this training for your program through your PD Specialist. We look forward to serving you.

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This community is for Program Managers to connect, share ideas and ask questions of your peers.

Program Management
This Community of Practice is to ask questions about Career Pathways and to share any best practices and methods of service delivery with peers.

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October 2017 through May 2018 - Regional Literacy Symposiums will be hosted by Literacy Texas in several Texas cities, funded by the Volunteer Training Initiative Grant from Texas Workforce Commission. (Learn more)

        Updated 2/12/18

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