Program Management Institute:

A PD Institute that organizes AEL research, courses and curriculum, PD events and other resources related to Program Management and Accountability, including, but not limited to, content related to institutional operations, TEAMS, data analysis, recruitment, intake, screening, assessment, advising, counseling, collaborations, and program improvement. The focus of the institute is on the administration and performance of AEL programs and its goal is improving performance, increasing quality, ensuring consistency at the local, regional, and state level.

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AEL Letter 04-16
Implementing Integrated Education and Training English Literacy and Civics Education, a revised program under Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

AEL Letter 03-16: Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment Targets for Program Year 2016–2017--Update, Change 1 and its one attachment (excel doc) are now available.

AEL Business Meeting Materials

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Join other instructors and AEL leaders in a COP; Discuss, ask questions, network with colleagues, etc.

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A one hour online training on managing and protecting PII (personal Identifiable Information) search for PII Training

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20th Annual Texas Workforce Conference
December 7-9, 2016: 20th Annual Texas Workforce Conference, Hilton Americas Houston

Awards Ceremony (Including AEL Awards)
Wednesday, Dec. 7, 4:45 – 5:45 PM

February 2-4, 2017: TALAE 2017 Conference. The annual conference of Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education will feature breakout session strands modeled on the PD Institute topics utilized by TRAIN PD @ TCALL. For more information as plans develop, watch the TALAE Website.

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